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Einstein Probe: an opportunity towards new discoveries in ti

Time:2015-11-20 09:40Source:未知 Duty editor:administrator

Title:Einstein Probe: an opportunity towards new discoveries in time-domain high-energy astrophysics


Time:2015-11-20 09:40

Place:Room 212, Astronomy Building

Transients and variable sources pervade the X-ray universe, as spectacular outbursts. The study of high-energy transients has greatly advanced our understanding of the dynamic Universe. In recent years new 
phenomena continue to be discovered and appeal for observations on a large scale for characterisation, while others are highly expected and await discovery. I will discuss the key science questions presented by these new developments in wide-field time-domain high-energy astrophysics, as well as the novel micro-pore optics (MPO) technology that enables sensitive, wide-field monitoring of the X-ray sky. Last, I will introduce the Chinese initiative, the proposed Einstein Probe mission, and how it would expand the new frontiers in this exciting field.

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