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  • Key Laboratory of Modern Astronomy and Astrophysics, the ministry of Education

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  • High Energy Astrophysics Group

    Mainly focus on supernovae and supernova remnants, Gamma-ray bursts and GRB cosmology, compact stars, high-energy cosmic rays and other relevant astronomical phenomena. We involve the most violent outbreaks in outer space, quite significan……
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  • Solar Physics Group

    Our researches address the origin, structure and evolution of solar activities, especially the physical mechanisms of the most energetic solar eruptions such as solar flares and coronal mass ejections. The theoretical part includes MHD and……
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  • Galaxies and Cosmology Group

    Our researches focus on the galaxy-center black hole activities, starburst galaxies and active galactic nucleus, chaos in the galaxy and cluster dynamics, stellar structure and galactic-disk thickness of neighbor galaxies. The research use……
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  • Celestial Mechanics and Planetary Dynamics Group

    Our interests are mainly in the formation and evolution of exo-planetary systems and dynamics of small objects in our Solar system. Mainly research formation mechanism and dynamical evolution of the solar system and extrasolar planetary sy……
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  • Astronomical Reference System and Astrometry Group

    The main field of our researches is the astronomical reference system. Recently we reconsidered the definition of the Galactic coordinate system.Relativistic astrometry is another research field of our group, and we also focuse on the Gala……
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  • Space Weather

    Mainly research is solar activity mechanisms, solar activity monitoring and forecasting, causes of disastrous space weather. Team Member Prof. Cheng FANG, Prof. Peng-Fei CHEN, Dr. Yu DAI, Dr. Chuan LI, Dr. Qi HAO Extreme ultraviolet imagin……
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  • Spacecraft Orbit Design and Control

    Mainly research is dynamics of solar system main-belt asteroids, small near-earth bodies and methods of artificial earth satellite, interplanetary probes, orbital mechanics, etc. Team Member Prof. Bo XU, Dr. Xi-Yun HOU, Dr. Jing-Shi TANG,……
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  • CUDA Teaching Center

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